Installation Made Easy and Completed Quickly

For instant gratification and beauty at cost-effective rates, bark blowing can't be beaten. Our fast and effective bark blowing teams can install bark, soil, or grass seed in a beautiful smooth layer that gives you instant results and maximizes the value of both time and money. Best of all we take care of the clean up too! So put the wheelbarrow away and the shovel down; let us do it for you. Whether it's a new installation, or you just need to freshen things up - big or small, give us a try.

Bark Blowing Products & Services
  • Soil Amendments:
    We offer a superior selection of soil amendments for your yard or garden projects. Whether you're installing new sod, or re-seeding, we can prepare your yard for maximum growth and sustainability. Our S&H Premium Compost is US Composting Council qualified for organic use, derived from decomposed leaves, branches and yard debris and is a beautiful, affordable, nutrient-rich soil amendment. Also available is our Blended Premium Soil (a combination of our S&H Premium Compost, Mushroom Compost and Sandy Loam to make a perfect nutrient-rich soil blend), and Mushroom Compost (made from straw and added organic nutrients that are composted to grow edible mushrooms). Need a special blend? We have the answer. We can create Custom Mixes for your needs. We mix it, you enjoy it.
  • Barkdust:
    Want to keep your yard looking new and have your trees, shrubs and flowers pop? Let us install a fresh layer of bark dust. We offer a wide variety of products including: Hemlock (with less slivers, it's a great option for children and pets), Fir Bark (to make your shrubs and flowers stand out), Bark Nuggets (providing a very clean and formal look), and Cedar Chips (provides a beautiful backdrop while maximizing drainability and durability).
  • Pathway Installation:
    Consider one of our bark products for your pathway or ground cover solutions. Choose from Cedar Chips (maximizes drainage and stays in place in windy conditions), and Hog Fuel (made from 100% recycled stumps, a low-cost alternative).
  • Erosion Control:
    Having a problem with erosion issues during the rainy season and not to sure what to do? Give us a call, we can apply Hog Fuel or Cedar Chips in a quick and cost-effective manner. A great option when working near environmentally sensitive areas. We can also apply Bio-Swale mixes for both your conveyance and Bio-Swale needs.
  • Animal Bedding:
    We can install Hog Fuel (excellent for paddocks and covering wet areas).


Installation Tips:
  •  Have weeding and weed control products installed before our crew comes to your house (ask us about weed control products before installation).
  •  You won't want to schedule any window washing or cleaning before or during the time we are at your house blowing bark. It can be a dusty job while the bark is being blown on. Also, make sure your neighbors haven't scheduled any painting or cleaning if they are close by.
  •  On the day we are going to be there, make sure all your windows and doors are closed, turn off your A/C and your heat exchanger. Please make sure your sprinkler system is turned off the day before. If the sprinkler system turns on before we come, it makes clean up much harder for our crew.
  •  Let us know if you have any water features or pools.
Other Things to Consider:
  •  How far is it to the backyard where your bark is to be installed? We have 200 feet of hose on the truck and if you let us know in advance, we can bring extra hose.
  •  Our trucks are large. Do you have room to park a truck in your driveway? Overhead power lines and trees are things to look for. If we have to park in the street, is it a busy street with limited access that will need a flagger?
  •  It's is a good idea to put your pets inside on the day we are scheduled to blow your bark. The gates will be open while we are there and the truck makes a loud noise that pets may not like.
Bark Blower Pricing
  3-6 Units 7+ Units
  Fir - Medium Fresh $395/unit $385/unit
  Fir - Medium Dark $475/unit $450/unit
  Fir - Fine Dark $475/unit $450/unit
  Compost - Mushroom $500/unit $490/unit
  Compost - S&H Premium $390/unit $375/unit
  Bark Nuggets $550/unit $540/unit
  Cedar Chips $550/unit $540/unit
  Blended Soil $500/unit $490/unit
  Hog Fuel $325/unit $300/unit
For larger orders, please call for a quote